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Museum or Home Sweet Home?

We’ve all seen them...those homes that appear more like a museum than a place where actual people live. Wowwwwwwwww... you look around and think “I know she has does she do it? Her house looks perfect! There's no way I'm EVER having her over to my house!” We tend to hold these people up to be some kind of super heroes and derail our own progress by comparing and finding ourselves lacking. We seem to think raising kids, having a career and managing our home should be easy! But it ISN’T. So take a breath. Realize that most people with perfect homes have help (or maybe they consume enough Starbucks that they get more done than the rest of us!) and even if they do it all themselves, they are not YOU. This company was founded on the principle that we all have a desire for order and a need to calm the chaos of our homes. But most of us don’t have the time, energy or ability to juggle a busy work life, family life and still have the time and energy for organizing or downsizing. As a mom of three kids and a business owner, I’ve experienced these moments more than once! Times where life seems out of control! Maybe it’s the birth of a new baby, a promotion at work or helping a family member who is ill...all noble things but also things that take time and steal your attention from your home. We are here to help in those times where life just gets too busy to manage things effectively. We can help organize your closets, kitchen, bathrooms and basements. We can help set up a bill paying system, make schedules for errands and kids activities and can help you book that appointment for the dog groomer you’ve been putting off so long that Fluffy looks like a tumbleweed. We’ve even been known to convince children to clean their rooms and get rid of toys and clothes they don’t need! Our services are affordable. Our advertising is mostly done on social media and word of mouth so you aren’t paying us for expensive overhead. Our mission is to help people. We've been there and we won't judge you! Unless you don't drink coffee. We might judge you a little for that. Call us today to book your free consultation

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