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Picture Perfect

I worked for a company several years back that specialized in home staging and organization. I loved the process of taking an empty home, filling it with beautiful things, and bringing in a photographer to capture the essence of the home and show off it's assets. Staging entices buyers to conjure images of themselves cooking for their friends and family in that beautiful kitchen, enjoying fun times with their kids in that fantastic gameroom, unwinding after a hard day on that deck with a shows the buyer a perfect version of the life they might have in that home.

But life is not a picture. It's not a single frame, motionless model of perfection. Real life is MESSY. That staged home doesn't show the "art" wall created by your three year old while you were changing the baby's diaper. It doesn't reveal the huge mess of boxes and unfinished projects hidden in your basement. Or the struggle to keep your home clean and disaster-free when you work full time and have little to spare.

Huge messes, once purged and organized, show dramatic change. So, in pictures, it's not unlike the staging. Look at this mess of a closet! Doesn't it look amazing now? Once de-cluttered, spaces take on new life and hope.

But Domestic Bliss doesn't want to stop there. If left at this stage, the messes will come back. Slowly, the once perfect basement becomes a cluttered mess. The filing takes a back seat to seemingly more important (and, let's face it, more ENJOYABLE) tasks. The kids continue to grow out of clothes, shoes and toys and help is still needed managing it all.

So we created a system to help combat this tendency for atrophy. Our monthly upkeep program aims to keep your home or office in it's prime. By scheduling monthly visits, we can tackle those small projects before they become big ones. We may not be able to keep your family from making messes, but we can give your home a refresh every month so you can come home to a home you love to be in.

Call Domestic Bliss or book online today! 720-663-7534

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