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Moving is a daunting task. It's rated by many experts as one of top 5 most stressful things we face in our modern world! Downsizing can occur when you need to move to a smaller home, or when kids move out and the extra space is no longer needed. We have lots of experience helping clients downsize so here are a few tips!

  1. Do a quick purge. Grab a trash can and a box for donations. Quickly go through each room and grab anything you see that you know won't be needed at the new home. If it can be used by someone else, put it in the donation box. If not, throw it away!

  2. Plan days to do deeper purges. For these you'll need your trash can and donation box, but you may also want a "to sell" box. I advise clients to only sell items they know are valuable and sought after. If you try to list every shirt and cute soap dish online, you will lose your mind! If an item will only bring you $1-$3, my advice is to donate it. If you can group items together to sell, do so, but keep in mind that your time is valuable and selling too much will keep you from having time to pack and get ready for the move.

  3. If you are struggling with this process, bring in a professional! We can help you go through your home and will even take your donations and donate them for you! We can make the process of moving much less stressful!


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