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Covid update

Domestic Bliss has always prided ourselves on providing great service and support to our clients and our community. None of us could have predicted the events of the past few months. With the looming uncertainty of the path of this virus and the current projections, we cannot do business as we have in the past! For those of you who use our housekeeping services, we will let you know when we are able to resume those services. If you are a current organizing client, we can continue sessions remotely or finish those areas once we are feel it is safe to do so. If you would like to use your time at home to get some much-needed decluttering and organizing done, we can set up a remote consult. Please text me (Alissa) at 303-653-2695 if you'd like to talk about remote organizing sessions. We are offering reduced rates during quarantine to help our clients make some order out of this chaos!

We are praying safety and most of all, healing, comfort, and peace for those in our community who are battling this virus or have loved ones affected.


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