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The Clutter Diet

It's that time of year when days get warm and families end up at the pool or lake in swimsuits...which leaves me searching my closet for the most flattering suit since I haven't stuck to my diet during the craziness at the end of the school year!

Once the hectic month of May ends, the summer months find me craving fresh produce and healthier food. Watching my diet is easier because of the abundance of delicious fresh food options.

But have you ever tried going on a diet without cleaning out your home of all the junk food options? I have, and, let me tell's all good until that Netflix binge night. Then the Oreos and Pringles aren't safe anywhere in this house!

One of the hardest challenges our households face in America is excess. We have access to so many processed, unhealthy but easy foods, that often fresh, nourishing food goes unused.

In our closets, pantries and basements, we often find the same issues. Our kids barely play with the toys in their cluttered rooms, we rarely (or never!) wear most of our wardrobe.

It's impossible to "organize" clutter. To each of us, clutter may look different. For me, books are NEVER clutter (since I love to read and would probably fill my entire room with books if I had unlimited time to read them!) but for some people they just take up space and will never be read. For many of my clients, their clothing, shoes and self-care products have become clutter.

Statistics show that most of us only use 20% of the items in our homes! The time we spend cleaning, arranging and caring for these items leaves little time in our busy lives for things that are most important.

So what's the solution? A Clutter Diet. Here are a few small steps toward reducing the size of your clutter problem.

1. Stop the influx!

Just say "NO!" to cheap toys for the kids, freebies at the store that you won't use or those awful hotel soaps. Did you know some restaurants like Chic-fil-A allow your children to trade their toy for ice cream? My kids don't get a lot of ice cream at home and this is a great treat for them and helps cut down the clutter for me!

2. One item in, Two items out.

I use this rule for clothing and toys but it also works for any item you tend to keep way too much of. Makeup, jewelry, books (sigh) all can abide by this rule.

3. If you don't love it, don't keep it!

I keep a donation bin in my closet so I'm not tempted to just put something I don't like back in my closet or drawers. I teach my kids to go through their clothes, toys and books regularly so they don't accumulate too much. Kids will often say they NEED everything they own, but when asked if they really looooove those items, their honest answer is "No, I don't really play with it."

Starting these habits can help you rev up your clutter diet! For a jump start this summer, call us to book a session with our organizers! The consultation is free and we can help you lose those extra pounds of clutter that are keeping your home messy and chaotic.

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