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Maintaining Order

So you've worked really hard and your home is more organized than you ever thought possible. But every time you turn around your kids or your spouse (or you if you're really honest!) are leaving things out, bringing home more stuff and the house just gets messy again!

First of all, nothing stays organized or clean without intention and effort. Even the best of us organizers can't keep messes from happening! The trick is to make time to maintain things.

I know, I don't have the time! That's why you hired an organizer in the first place! :)

But what if it doesn't take hours a day? What if it only takes minutes?

One of the things we love to teach clients are ways to streamline processes and create more time in their day. Working with an organizer isn't just about getting your house in order one time. It's about changing the way you live and helping you stay organized. Want to learn more? Book a one-hour update to see more ways you can get and keep your home in top shape!


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