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Are you an "Innie" or an "Outie"?

Now I know what you're thinking...what does my belly button have to do with organizing!?!?

Not a thing. But this post isn't about your navel. It's about your personality and organizing style. Whether you know it or not, you have preferences about the way things are displayed, stored and used in your home and office. And it may not be the same for every room.

For example, in most playrooms, I prefer to use clear bins and open shelving for younger children so they can easily find toys that engage them. For older kids, cloth or metal bins can add fun punches of color and style to their room. In my own kitchen, I want my dishes and utensils put away inside cabinets but don't you DARE move my coffee pot, mugs and biscotti off the kitchen counter!

In general, if you are an Innie, you prefer clean counters & surfaces. You usually put things away when you are done with them and like open, clean lines in your decor. Innies usually want help finding better ways to store things in their home and office and encouraging others who share their space to PUT THINGS AWAY!!! (Yes, we do attempt to teach your spouse and/or kids how to declutter their space and keep it clean, but we can't guarantee it will stick!)

If you are an Outie, you prefer to have things easily accessible and the most often used items out on the counter or shelf. You may tend to collect random dishes, books and artwork and find a way to make it all work together. Outies usually want help finding ways to make their spaces feel neat and organized but casual and easy to use. If most of the people using a space are Outies, the home or office can quickly become cluttered. We have successfully taught many Outies to reduce the clutter, create organization system and maintain neat spaces!

No matter what your style, nearly everyone can learn better ways to manage the things in their home or office. We can help you tame your cluttered basement, your chaotic pantry or your playroom where there's absolutely no room to play!

Call us today to book your free consultation!


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